For urgent support please contact or text our helpline on 07861381289 and we will get back to you within the day.

We are not promoting or glamorising sex work with the following statement. We are simply offering advice and glamorising sex work with the following statement. We are simply offering advice and guidance to the sex work community so we can protect one another and take back the power.

The systems and websites on which we work are not protecting us so we have to define the standards of safety for ourselves. It can sometimes be so difficult to say, “No”, but if we all start setting our own rules and we all abide by them, it means more safety for our community because we can take control of the situation by refusing to accept less than what we deserve together.

Contact us, the police or other organisations that can protect you if you are underpaid or payment is refused. This is rape. You are accepting an agreement of conditional consent when you agree to engage in sexual activity for a sum of money. When someone fails to uphold this agreement they have broken your terms of conditional consent. Whilst some may judge you as a sex worker, us as an organisation and the other organisations we work with will not and we will fight to protect you on this matter. The more we report these incidents, the more we can prove this is a problem that affects many vulnerable people and we hope that this in turn will begin to be taken as seriously as it deserves. We understand that sometimes you may not be in the position to accept money at the beginning of the date and are here for you. We will never judge you.

Any person who does not comply with these standards is someone who you do not want to meet. There are plenty of people who will comply and this number will keep increasing with the more people who follow these standards.


With great appreciation of the fact that sometimes these precautions may not suit your situation, here is some valuable advice to bear in mind when considering your safety:

If you feel you have been unable to comply with the above, please do not feel ashamed or like you have done anything wrong. Sex workers are often put in positions which they have no control over and the blame should always be put on the client who has mistreated you. It is important that sex workers have a safe space to voice these experiences to someone who understands and we are here to support you with this. This is a confidential service.