If you are not a student but still identify as part of the sex work community, please do not hesitate to get in touch. This is a confidential service.

For urgent support please contact or text our helpline on 07861381289 and we will get back to you within the day.

All members of the team have had training from The Samaritans in order to become good listeners. We also have an extensive training programme led by mental health professionals, which all of our support workers have completed.

As an organisation, the team is a mixture of survivors, former and current sex workers, people with experience in mental health and creatives. Please take a good look at what everyone has to offer and read through all of our experiences before you make a decision on who you contact. This is so you can get the right support, tailored to your needs; as our experiences vary and we all offer support in different ways.

You can also join our Support For Student Sex Workers Society if you are a student at The University of Manchester.
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Please do not contact the team for information on how to get into the sex work industry. We are here to support both people in the industry and people who want to get out. However, promoting sex work through supportive organisations is illegal and we cannot answer questions that encourage people that are not in the industry to go into sex work.

Abusive emails will be immediately flagged up and reported to the police.


Founder: Here for all support queries

Jess Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

As the founder of the organisation, I reply to initial emails within the day and offer support to sex workers in any way I can, tailored to the needs of the individual. I believe that if you make a difference in one person’s life, you make all the difference in the world. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need support. We are here for all sex workers, those who love their job and those who are struggling. Alongside talking through issues sex workers face on a 1-1 basis, I often meet up with sex workers just to talk over our fun experiences and have a catch up. We are here to create strength within our community and fun experiences with one another are a part of that.

I am a trained mental health support worker and have experience with people who have offended, people within the prison system, people with mental health problems, refugee children, people affected by homelessness, people with complex needs, survivors and sex workers. Sex workers and survivors are my speciality. I have witnessed a great deal of things in my time – both in my personal and professional experience – and I would like to say that I will never judge you for your experiences and nothing you could say can shock me. I speak at conferences that defend sex workers’ rights and try my best to represent us as a community. I am passionate about protecting us and believe so strongly in this organisation as being a beautiful thing for our community.

I supported myself through university using sugar daddies and worked as a full service sex worker for five years. I am a survivor and have PTSD and bipolar disorder. I left home and began estranged from my family at sixteen. Following my rape and several other sexually traumatising incidents, I developed agoraphobia, which contributed to the situation that led me down the path of sex work. I was forced to take an interruption and could not claim benefits, get a job, get a student loan or leave the house. I felt isolated and lonely and needed support but it was not available to me. I was unable to recover from my experiences without support systems coming into my life. After I underwent the recovery process, I founded this organisation because we as a community deserve support in a world that is sometimes not understanding of us. I never want any sex worker to be alone like I was and my team and I are here for you.

Here for support from professionals

Louisa Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I am currently a mental health support worker for young people who have Neurodevelopmental conditions. I recently graduated last year from my degree in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling this year. I am also a fully trained email counselor at Childline, where I help deal with a number of issues including revenge porn, sexual abuse and mental health concerns to name a few.

I believe everyone deserves the right to feel safe and supported no matter their background or occupation. In recent years, I have personally noticed a rise of hate speech against sex workers but concerningly no extra measures put forward to help sex workers stay safe and feel supported in a non-judgemental, empathetic way. I have been a victim of revenge porn on an anonymous site which hosted pictures of me along with my full name and personal information about myself. I decided to take this to the police however I was faced with a very judgmental attitude, so much so that I had my case closed three times without them informing me before someone took me seriously. I still have had no support from the police or other organisations involved to this very day. This is why I believe this organisation is so important and has a holds a place in my heart.

No person should be left to suffer alone and I would love to offer online and 1-2-1 support to anyone in the sex industry. I would also like to offer support to anyone who is a victim of revenge porn or has adverse experiences with the police in regards to sex work. I am also able to offer CV checks and academic advice and careers advice.

Chris Pronouns: He, His Email Team Member

Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m a current PhD Researcher in Sociology at the University of Manchester. In the past, I’ve worked as a mental health support worker, a debt advisor, a teacher, and occasional journalist, a comedy club manager, and as a safeguarding officer for a major children’s charity. Outside of this, my interests are writing, death metal, and fostering kittens. My support for sex workers comes from experiences of friends and loved ones who have turned to sex work, and faced appalling stigma and discrimination – including from Universities. Universities will often pay lip services towards inclusivity and accountability, but fail to deliver it when it comes to supporting sex work. As someone who’s had the benefit of a very privileged education, I see it as my responsibility to use my skills, time and knowledge, to help people who haven’t had those opportunities.

My passions included student focussed teaching and critical pedagogies. Far too often, academic knowledge is kept behind locked doors, written in language that might as well be foreign. My role as a teacher is to start with my students’ needs, based around their experience of navigating education, and work forward, simplifying complex concepts, and trying to encourage my students to learn at my own pace. Knowledge can empower people in radical ways, but the way that we are taught in Universities often removes that radical element. I see it as my job to bring that back.

I have direct personal experience of sexual violence, gaslighting and financial abuse. I have lived the majority of my life with Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder. I’ve been harassed, stalked, made homeless, and lived below the poverty line. The major – perhaps only – benefit of this is that I “get it” and I try to use my own experiences to help me empathise with others around me, and help them navigate the complexities of getting support.

I can offer 1-2-1 mental health support, support with benefit applications (including accompanying you to Job Centres and PIP assessments), debt advice (and help applying for things like Debt Management Plans and Debt Relief Orders), as well as academic advice for humanities and social science subjects, both in terms of teaching support, and academic appeals.

Mollie Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

My favourite food is curry and my favourite animal is a cow – that’s me in a nutshell! I recently graduated from an MSc in Sociological Research from the University of Manchester and hold a BA in Sociology from Lancaster University. I wrote my masters dissertation on female sexual pleasure, focusing on how it is experienced when watching/doing porn, when masturbating and when using sex toys. During my time at university, I was a member of Sexpression:UK where I held many positions including National Child Protection Director and co-chair of the Manchester branch. At the Manchester branch we supported Support for Student Sex Workers, inviting Jess to speak on a pleasure panel we hosted and through social media. Sex positive events are my thing and I hope to organise several for SFSSW.

I have experience in safeguarding and have received designated safeguarding officer training from the NSPCC. I also work as a sessional worker for the LGBT Foundation, where I am part of the sexual health team doing testing clinics, offering HIV and dry blood spot tests to service users as well as conducting wellbeing assessments and referring people to the right places if they needed support. Through this work I have seen and spoken to a wide range of people with varying issues, including substance use, sexual assault, historic sexual abuse and depression.

Although I have no person experience with sex work, I actively want to help the community and support it in any way I can. I am not a nurse or a counsellor however my years of experience teaching and working within the field means I am here to support you should you have any questions about your sexual health, relationships or just want to chat about sex. I can offer this support in both 1-2-1 sessions – there’s nothing I love more than going for a coffee or some food and having a catch up – and online support, if that makes you more comfortable.

Elle Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I am a psychology graduate who works in the charity sector, managing volunteers and interns. I have worked with and volunteered for a range of charities, covering a range of causes from LGBT rights to befriending to international development. My current job involves the recruitment, training, and safeguarding of both volunteers and interns on a national scale. I also have experience in both corporate and community fundraising.

When I first heard about this organisation I knew there was a way I could get involved and offer support with my professional experience. I have not been involved in sex work, but I unexpectedly experienced homelessness towards the end of my degree and was helped out of it by a charity, and I experienced being in an emotionally abusive relationship with an ex-girlfriend a few years before. Ever since my experience with homelessness, I am always looking for new ways to give back to turn it into a statement of resilience.

As someone who actively recruits people looking to start their careers, I am able to give personal cv feedback, as well as offer mock interviews and a careers workshop covering cv writing and interviewing. I am also a volunteer befriender and am more than happy to listen to anyone who wants to talk, even if they are just feeling a bit lonely. If anyone would like more experience gained from volunteering and internships then I can give you advice on how to do that, as well as looking for a job as a graduate, and support you with any applications you would like to make!

Mel Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

Hey, I'm Mel! I am a Psychology student who is currently working in a Neuropsychology service to support people with neurological illnesses and aquired brain injuries. I hope to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist in the future.

I am here to offer non-judgemental support for whoever may need it! I also chair the Manchester Sexpression branch, a student-led sexual health charity that teaches sex-ed to young people, runs STI testing and sex-positive advocacy for students on campus.

I have also worked at a housing and supported living service with ex-offenders at risk of homelessness, substance misuse and mental health problems. Unfortunately, sex-worker friendly support services are often hard to access due to high demand, lack of counsellor training in sex-work related issues and high cost of private services. I don't have lived experience of being a sex worker but believe that sex workers should have access to non-judgemental services that support their emotional, financial, physical and occupational wellbeing and hopefully SFSSW can start to bridge that gap!

I do have lived experience of mental health problems, emotional abuse and I identify as bisexual. If you need any sexual health related advice, an Animal Crossing buddy or just someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to email me.

Here for peer support

Lexi Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I am currently pursuing an MA in Religions and Theology, with a focus on Jewish studies. However, during my undergraduate degree, I was diagnosed with ME (aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which caused me to have to interrupt my final year and restart it again. During this time, little to no support of any kind was available to me; I relied heavily on immediate support network, which isn’t always an option for everyone.

Young people in the same position as I was need more help and support available. Existing in the grey area between education/working adulthood, it is too easy to fall through the cracks, and when your physical health is too compromised to hold down a standard retail/hospitality job, which is often all that is available to someone in such a position, and state benefits are so inaccessible, sex work may be one of the only limited options remaining.

In such an appearance-based trade, self image and mental health can then also really suffer, which can lead, for example, to body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and unhealthy coping mechanisms, including drug and alcohol abuse. The support to help break these cycles needs to be more readily available.

I am here to offer: online and face to face support and signposting for sex workers struggling with long term health conditions, online and face to face support and signposting for sex workers struggling with eating disorders, self image difficulties, depression, and anxiety and help, advice, and proofreading for CVs, covering letters, and any type of applications.

Alex Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I’m a second year Psychology student, and a content creator on onlyfans. I have also completed online courses on relationships, and have experienced manipulative and sexually abusive partners firsthand, so I know how vital it is to have someone to talk things through with when you’re in need.

I further experience depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder, so know how isolating these disorders and the sex-work field can be. I’m here even just for a chat, to offer support and advice. Whatever you need to not feel alone.

Lindsay Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I work with children and families from deprived areas. I have had safeguarding, trauma and conflict training. I am also a school governor and have been actively involved in recruiting structures and the interview process for four years. I also have experience with fundraising for charities and hope to utilise this on the project.

My daughter is a sugar baby, sex worker and a survivor and I supported her during her path to recovery. I could not find any support in this area for families myself when I just needed someone to tell how desperate I felt as a parent. My family unit had broken down and I felt I was not there for my daughter.

We have since been able to rebuild our relationship and I would like to offer online support to anyone affected by issues in the sex work industry and their families, knowing how it feels to go through this alone. I am also here to run CV checks and offer advice on how to prepare for interviews.

Lewis Pronouns: He, His, Him Email Team Member

Hey, I’m Lewis! I run the Support for Student Sex Workers instagram page with Mollie and currently I’m studying for a BA in Ancient History at the University of Manchester, with much of my work focusing on the history of sex, sexuality and sex work. I have also previously created content for an onlyfans account. I also have a great passion for music (especially anything by Gaga or Britney).

I got into onlyfans through firstly being on NSFW twitter which helped expose me to different kinds of sex work, and sex workers. It helped me to find my niche and build a profile in a community which is becoming more popular, with younger people like myself running onlyfans accounts.

While I haven’t directly faced any disadvantages or discrimination myself for being in the sex industry, I understand the difficulties you can face while being both a young male, and gay in this sector – it can sometimes feel isolating. Especially with being young and queer, it is important to understand the significance of safe sex and consent, something that I was never taught about and struggled with as a young gay man - especially as more people want to explore their sexuality.

However, I think that sex positivity and exploring our sexual interests (wether alone or with others) are important for us to be able to be in touch with ourselves sexually and understanding what pleasures us. But also, being able to dismantle that sex work is a ‘dirty’ or ‘lower-class’ profession is just as important – it’s liberating! I’d be happy to offer online or face to face support for others. Whether they’re struggling with being a student and a sex worker, want help to understand their sexuality, or for male sex workers who are finding it hard to find their feet and want support from someone of a similar background.

Creative Director – Here for all creative queries

Marcus Pronouns: He, His, Him Email Team Member

I am a graduate from The University of Manchester and I am currently working towards becoming a filmmaker. In my current job, I work as a housing and support worker for a small charity. I support refugee young people who are now living in the UK practically, emotionally and creatively.

I have worked in the music industry as a DJ in clubs and on radio and also as a producer, making a huge variety of electronic music. I have a passion for the arts across all forms, which I plan to utilise for this project by supporting others to achieve their creative goals. We have recently invested in a Lumix GH5 (a film quality camera) in order to assist with any creative ideas related to film which are brought to our attention.

I was the primary carer of my girlfriend during the recovery process. She is a survivor and was working as a sugar baby and sex worker when we met. I am very sex work positive and understand what it’s like to have someone you love go through pain and the effects sex work can sometimes take on a person and the processes of recovery.

Within this organisation, I am responsible for supporting sex workers in regards to building creative portfolios and overseeing all creative projects that we achieve as an organisation.

Please contact me via email to pitch your creative ideas of any kind, and I will strive to support you in achieving your goals. There are no bad ideas, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here for creative support and careers and academic advice

Anna Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I have obtained a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics as well as an MA in Political Economy from the University of Manchester, where I am currently studying for a PhD. I have specialised in the study of labour conditions as well as the connection between someone’s work and their wellbeing, and how inequalities, such as gender and class inequalities, are reproduced by workplace structures. During my time at university I have been chief editor of an undergraduate politics journal, which enabled me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of academic literature and gave me experience in the organisation of conferences and publications as well as management experience. Moreover, I have founded a network promoting gender equality and BAME representation in economics as an academic discipline, which has taught me to communicate with a variety of different people about the causes I care about.

I have written my MA dissertation on working conditions in the sex work industry, particularly comparing the perception people have of sex work (such as through how sex work is portrayed in fiction) to occupational reality. I am passionate about assisting people on their way to independence, no matter their circumstances; for instance, I have worked on a voluntary basis with school children, teenagers, students, and refugees. Hence, I have experience with a broad range of people and the problems they may face. This organisation is an opportunity for me to combine my academic interests with my passion for building up support structures for those who need them. I can offer academic advice, CV checks and preparation for job applications – online or face to face. Moreover, I can assist with contacting universities or approaching other organisations if needed. For those looking to research sex work, I can provide an overview over the academic literature and point towards helpful resources.

Sam Pronouns: Her, She, Hers Email Team Member

I am a freelance Company Stage and Production Manager, working on a variety of theatre and arts projects. I have also worked in Educational support and as a lecturer in Technical Theatre at FE and HE.

I have worked with a number of young people struggling with mental health for a variety of reasons, some of who continue to struggle but through disclosure and intervention are managing to continue to lead functional lives day to day; both in work/education and in their personal lives.

I am not a counsellor; I do not profess to have all the answers. I am however a welcoming, understanding and supportive contact. I am here to listen and support. I do not judge and I am always happy to talk, whether that be face to face over a couple of tea (other drink options are available), over the phone or via message – whatever you feel most comfortable with. I can’t promise I will have the answers, but I will always help you find them. I am also able to offer support in getting into/staying in work and education. Including CV and Personal Statement writing, time management and confidence building. I also have a strong network of employer and theatre contacts for work, experience and training across a wide spectrum of the arts industry.

If you would like to become part of the team please visit the Get Involved Page